Script workspace custom shortcuts

Idea created by fitch on Oct 27, 2016
    • flybynight
    • fitch
    • Johan Hedman

    Issue: keyboard shortcuts / shorthand / abbreviations for script steps in the script workspace default to seldom-used commands rather than commonly used commands. This makes using the script workspace more tedious, more error-prone, less productive, and less delightful than it could be.


    Idea: allow users to customize the shortcuts.


    Example 1, desired result: Set Variable

    - on blank script line, type 'v' - result: View As

    - try 'va' - result: Open Manage Value Lists

    - try 'var' - result: Set Variable


    I use Set Variable all day long. I'd like to just hit 'v' and get it. (And yes, I know that 'sv' will do it but 'v' would be even better.)


    Example 2, desired result: Exit Script

    - type 'es' - result: Execute SQL

    - type 'ex' - same

    - type 'sc' - result: Scroll Window


    Here I'd be happy with two letters. What's annoying is that the default results are commands I almost never use whereas again Exit Script is one I use all the time.