Execute single script step from Script Workspace

Idea created by fitch on Oct 31, 2016
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    Issue: sometimes when developing a script, I'll want to set up some of the conditions in the script so I can test something, but I don't want to run the whole script. Currently this requires that I first save the script, then debug it, and go to the desired line, run it, then stop the script.


    Examples: Go to Layout, Find, Sort, Set Variable etc.


    Idea: a menu command / keyboard shortcut (ctrl-shift-R) / right-click on a selected script step that would simply run that one step.


    This feature would only apply to the commands that are available as single steps for buttons.
    (E.g., it doesn't make sense to run an 'If' step by itself.)


    Benefit: faster, easier script development, troubleshooting and maintenance.