Sensors & Actuators in FM Go

Idea created by Adrian_S on Nov 9, 2016

    Summary: Allow FM Go to fetch information from any of the iOS device sensors, e.g. Compass Direction.


    Applies to the full set of iOS sensors (as at iPhone 7). Some will be more widely useful than others:

    1. Proximity.
    2. Ambient light.
    3. Accelerometer.
    4. Magnetometer.
    5. Gyroscopic.
    6. Fingerprint (Touch ID).
    7. Barometer.
    8. Battery level.

    And also adding iOS actuators:

    1. Flashlight - get/set it.
    2. Volume - get/set it.
    3. Brightness - get/set it.
    4. Vibrate.


    Why important to me: most iOS devices contain a compass, but it's not accessible from FM Go 15 (except by convoluted programming in JavaScript).


    Use case: for Compass: any sat-nav or surveying application.