Provision of an alternate column name for exported data.

Idea created by joel.s on Nov 10, 2016

    When exporting a found set to formats such as Tab-delimited, CSV and Excel, there is no native provision to name the columns something that is sensible to substitute for the field name, often a long and cryptic string that is meaningless to the recipient.

    I propose being able to define an alternate name for any field in the Manage Database window, perhaps in the Options tab views, that will preferentially be used in any export to substitute for the field name. A checkbox in the export dialog determines if the field names or the alternate names are used.

    By embedding the alternate name in the solution, it is made available automatically and reliably in every export, no matter how it changes or is configured.

    It would no longer be necessary to add these column names prior or post export which is time consuming and error prone when reports change.

    Control over the substitution rules (the setting of the export checkbox) has to be under script control so that a properly formatted export file can be generated as required, either way.

    With this system in a place, a readable result would require no extra scripting and would make no assumptions about which columns were included or not.

    A development of this idea might be the option to use a calculation to determine the column name in a similar way that the custom dialog currently does for its fields.