new Design function: QuickFindFieldNames

Idea created by dansmith65 on Nov 11, 2016
    • Johan Hedman
    • dansmith65
    • CamelCase_data

    Similar to the current FieldNames function, except it only returns fields with Quick Find enabled. Possible use-cases:

    1. A script could loop through the list, create a new find request for each field, then perform a constrain found set (or you could just implement my other idea: new script step: Constrain Quick Find ).
    2. Would allow for visually indicating to the user which fields a Quick Find will search on. This would still require a little ingenuity on the developer's behalf, but I can think of a few ways it could be done:
      1. add a popover to the layout, which could display the raw output of this function (not the prettiest, but would get the job done)
      2. conditional fformatting on a field that uses Self to get the field name then compares that to the output of QuickFindFieldNames to determine if QuickFind is enabled