Paused files? What?

Idea created by RickWhitelaw on Nov 16, 2016

          I'm currently on my iPad using fm go 15.02. Fine. So I open a hosted file. No problem. When closing the file which invokes a script that writes to a Temp table everything hung. Ok. Close fm go. Wait a bit then reopen. Same file. Invoke a script which, when opening another file, is supposed to create a new record in a certain table and proceed. Hung forever. Normally takes a second or less. Open the admin console and all files are paused. Well of course no records can be created in all files. There should be an error message that warns of paused files. Instead the program just hangs forever. When I resumed all the files all executed normally. FMI please do something about this! Why are the files paused in the first place? There are no backups taking place. Even if there had been these only take a few seconds. I'm very unhappy with this. It's not the first time it's happened.