Reveal Unique File ID

Idea created by Chris Irvine on Nov 19, 2016

    The Problem:


    As disclosed in a FileMaker warning dialog, every file has a unique ID. That is great news and knowing what it is would make managing multiple files, module/starter files, and derived files much easier to keep track of.

    Reset Confirmation Dialog.png


    Without knowing the ID, troubleshooting file access errors can be a very confusing process. See the example in this dialog. FileMaker's current solution is a big stick, reseting then unique ID and all file access settings. This wouldn't always be necessary if I knew which IDs were authorized and the ID of each file.

    File Access.png


    I'll admit, this is a contrived example, but this can be a real problem for solutions that use a development server and periodically deploy front end file(s) into production.


    Potential Solution:


    I'd propose that a little space be used on the File Access dialog to show:


    This File's Unique ID: xxxxx


    Additionally, one extra column could be added showing the ID's of files that have been authorized to access this one.


    Obviously, it would be swell if these IDs were also in the DDR. (Both places please, but if I can only have one, I guess I'd prefer it in the DDR.)


    As always, I'm open to other ways of addressing this problem, I'm just providing the suggestion to further illustrate the problem this would solve.