Command line batch recovery tool

Idea created by Vincent_L on Nov 21, 2016



    When filemaker 12 appeared, FMI released a command lien tool to batch convert fp7 files to fm12 files. Not only it could be used in batch mode, but it was also multithreaded, using all CPU power available. I wish there was the same kind of tool to recover files.


    I recently add to recover & reconstruct the index of my 120 files / 90 GB solution, and even with apple scripting it, it took 18 hours. Of course, as it relied on Filemaker Client recover command, it couldn't be multithreaded (especially as GUI scripting can mess us if several instance of the same app run). My quad core mac could have made this close to 3~4 times faster.


    So I'm advocating for a command line recover tool (with cpu core throttling). If multithreading the actual recovering process is not doable, then a simple splitting of the file count with simultaneous instance running would do the trick (so in my case 4 cores would process 30 fiels each simultaneously).


    Aside from speed and convenience, this would be a major boon to avoid corruption. As a command line tool, one could automate this, weekly for instance, and make sure the files are not corrupt and index are ok (on a fresh copie, and then alerts to the admin).


    Also, it would be very useful in production, in case of an catastrophic event that would occurs during the day, having a much faster tool would lessen downtimes.


    This is necessary due to Filemaker's sensitivity to corruption and index corruption.