Built in support for HTML email

Idea created by vince.menanno on Nov 29, 2016

    In our office lots of talk about sending HTML emails etc.


    I know that there are plug-ins that do a great job of this etc. And we have also rolled some homegrown solutions for solving this problem. But what I also see is that with each of these solutions is that they can be somewhat fragile ... crafting jut the right HTML then having it get packaged up correctly with the data and then getting it sent.


    What if FileMaker invented a new format much like PDF - but something radically simple just based on the underlying CSS of the objects on the layout and if something was a link it would be clickable etc... but the formatting would all come from the styles information.


    And then they made it drop dead easy... such that if you wanted to send a HTML email ... then it would interpret the current layout you are on and create an HTML email with CSS support etc... And the way you would invoke it would be as simple as ...


    Save as EDF so adding a new format. Instead of Save as PDF ... Save as EDF Email Document Format


    Baked right into place ... and supported on Server etc...


    I would really appreciate having this simply but powerful new feature.