Automated testing tool for FileMaker desktop apps, CWP enhancements , Plugin development clear documentation etc.

Idea created by lakin.mohapatra on Nov 30, 2016

    Hi Everyone.


    I would like to suggest FileMaker official people or community guys to have an automated testing tool in built with each and every FileMaker app.


    That will be helpful and it will create new opportunities for QA people in case large scalable apps.


    We are finding much more difficulty while doing regression testing .


    Filemaker is far behind that others like java desktop apps / .net / .QT c++ desktop apps.


    Even if you need to add some new features to some fm apps which are in production , you need to go to that server and replace files.


    Can FileMaker guys add one feature like "check for updates" which will automatically fetch features from a trusted resource and update it there automatically.?


    Even now-a-days , people started using javascript to develop awesome desktop apps which has better flexibility than that of FileMaker.


    CWP of FileMaker is worst . Even we ill not be able to create tables or layouts using CWP . Thats the reason,  most of other languages feel bit complicated to integrate with FileMaker . [I mean third party access]


    I also not found any good proper documentation for FileMaker plugin development which can add good features to Filemaker.


    You guys are lacking somehow .


    Guys we need to go far ahead of other competitors .


    Its my humble request to FileMaker official developer teams to implement all things which are required for a basic desktop apps among with flexibility to integrate with third party stuffs .


    CWP things need to be bit improved . [Layout , table access should be there . Along with that we need features to write fm script in php/js which can be sent to CWP and it can execute it . In this way , we dont need to write scripts in FM always and FM will be popular  ]


    CWP php api should be PHP7 compatible.


    You have c++ in the background . so you have everything . You can achieve any goals . No problem.

    Also there should be one API for controlling FileMaker admin console.

    ALWAYS fmsadmin commands will not work from remote.



    Please feel free to share your views .