PHP Multi-threaded Support & API

Idea created by JVillalobos on Dec 1, 2016

    As you know, the PHP engine is Single threaded and can easily get overloaded when deployed for a real solution like pulling up a class schedule, building a PHP Calendar, or even online registration.  For our FileMaker Developers who don't understand single thread it means FileMaker Server basically only allows 1 user at at time to fetch data via PHP engine while WebDirect, FileMaker Server, FM-GO and other Server features allow multithreading. Not sure why FMI engineers decided to cripple the engine when it's easy to make it multi-threaded and help us out with clients who depend on the security and integration power of PHP.  While we know PHP is not restricted like WebDirect and FMGO (thank you for that), clearly this limitation forces us to use External Data Sources like MYSQL to deploy solutions thus increasing the reliance on MYSQL and decreasing the value of FileMaker to our clients.  Even if you have to restrict it to 10 simultaneous threads I think many of my clients would be happier than just 1 thread at the time.   Think about the recent announcements with the  FileMaker Data API which will assist with JSON projects.  Will you cripple it also to a single thread ?  Probably not because that will be a non-starter for large businesses.  Please re-consider the decision and make this happen in the next release. It should not take that many engineers resources to program it and the biggest benefit I can see for us is that the Web Publishing Engine will not crash as often when a single thread that contains a search against a unstorred calculation all the sudden delays the query by 5x-10x, creates a memory leak, and when a second thread is attempted will cause the Web Publishing Engine to crash. The result often requires you to have to restart the entire FileMaker Server and if you don't believe me contact a few of your FileMaker Hosting providers who see this every single day.   


    On the API side, a simple request to label in the files what version it's for (e.g. FileMaker Server 14, 15, 16).  If you open the files, there is no notation of what the PHP is for and it would really help.  This page is very light on substance or content.  Directing us to the PDF manuals is good but new developers need much more help.  How about books, examples, success stories, etc.   There are certainly some when you test drive FileMaker Server but it's a lot of digging for newbies.  FileMaker did a great job bringing the PHP engine to server but has now dedicated resources to newer technologies like WebDirect and the Data API.  That is all great but a little updating and improvements for PHP would also be welcome.


    This page should allow for easy downloading of API itself, Old API depository, latest release, beta releases, along with code samples.  If FileMaker does not have the bandwidth to maintain there is a FileMaker PHP interest group that meets at DevCon that could assist in maintaining this page. If you have any questions, want to see examples, or need more details please don't hesitate to contact me.