Save Manage Layouts arrangement

Idea created by jdevans on Dec 1, 2016
    • Benjamin Fehr
    • arehkopf
    • Johan Hedman
    • jdevans

    When I open Manage>Layouts in one of my hosted files, it displays differently from hour-to-hour, or from day-to-day. I have the layouts arranged by function, in a set of folders and subfolders, which can be expanded or collapsed using the + and - buttons. But after collapsing the ones I want collapsed, and expanding the ones I want expanded, then exiting Manage>Layouts, if I come back to it later, it isn't how I left it. How/why is that? What controls how it looks? It would be so nice to have a SAVE button or something like that to save the way I want to see those folders. Thanks for listening.