[Next] Make JSON's functions Ultra Fast

Idea created by Vincent_L on Dec 2, 2016


    From the Roadmap we know that the next release will have JSON functions.

    They'll be very very important, and not just for those that needs JSON, for instance they'll be great for script parameters.

    So they'll be used a lot. I want to stress to FMI, that we need them to be ultra-fast.


    Really, please take a lot of time to make them as fast as possible. Do whatever it takes (multicore ?) to make them the fastest JSON functions on earth.

    Design and test them for millions of elements.


    That's important because, just for script parameter passing, I already suffer from speed issues on some of my script due to the use of evaluate which is super slow on big chunks of data


    If we get very fast JSON functions, we'll be able to speed up many things.

    So please, please please FMI, make them ultra fast. And do it now, you won't have the time to optimize them later, and then we would be stuck for years with a speed bottleneck.


    also, don't think about single calls only. Think about also making it fast on multiple calls like in a loop. Because, GetValue, gets very slow (quadratic) if you call it in a more in a loop with big value lists