Removing Freeze Window script step, and introducing UpdateWindow

Idea created by Vincent_L on Dec 4, 2016



    This is a bit provocative, as nowadays 99% of the scripts need to have a this Freeze Window to get decent performance (if you don't know about it you're in trouble).

    So of course I'm not advocating for it's removal per se, but I'm asking FMI to make the fact of running a script, automatically freeze window, unless told so by the proposed UpdateWindow (which might already exist as Refresh Window).


    I would allow us to get rid of that ubiquitous, step in our scripts, and more importantly it would put newbies on par with the more experienced ones, and save newbies to acquire this filemakerish wizardy and waste some valuable time having their script perform slower than they could.


    So that'd be great for ease of use, and script cleanliness