Map calculations to fields during import

Idea created by jbante on Dec 9, 2016

    When we import data, our sources often format and structure data differently than how we would like for it to appear in our databases.


    • A source may have phone numbers formatted differently from our application or inconsistently.
    • A source may store data in two fields that we store in one field.
    • A source may store data in one field we prefer to split into separate fields.


    Using the tools in the current version of FileMaker, we can get imported data into the format we want with techniques like modifying the records after they've been imported, adding special-purpose fields to our tables to receive differently-structured data before we've re-arranged it, and importing to intermediate tables where we can do any manipulations before importing to the final target table. XSLT enables powerful manipulations during import, but much of the data we import is not XML, and few FileMaker developers know XSLT.


    These issues could be solved more easily if we had the option to create calculations based on the imported data, and map those calculations to fields during import.