Increase SQL / ODBC limitations

Idea created by cbishop on Dec 14, 2016

    Currently there are limits on the calls behind the scenes for connecting SQL databases through ESS:


    MySQL for Windows: 8,192

    Oracle for Windows: 8,000

    SQLServer for Windows: 524,288


    Actual Technologies MySQL for Mac OS X: 8,192

    Actual Technologies Oracle for Mac OS X: 8,000

    Actual Technologies SQLServer for Mac OS X: 8,000


    Except for SQLServer, these limits are ridiculously low.


    Although I consider this a bug, TSGAL asked me to post this here.  The limits for MySQL are way too low for practical usage - it really limits the number of fields that can be used in an instance.


    Please consider raising these limits significantly!  The best way to do it would be a number in FileMaker Server that we can increase if we want, and this way by default you can keep the numbers small by default (for prevention of crashes) and allow us to increase as much as we wish.