[Next] Don't introduce script steps that we can fully set via calculation

Idea created by Vincent_L on Dec 15, 2016
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    • Vincent_L
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    I wish that FMI had a new policy of not introducing new script steps that can be set fully by calculation.

    Right now we have tons of duplicated steps to somewhat allow a kind of very limited dynamism in script step execution.

    Well, the past is the past, and of course we would need those past script steps to be calc settable, but at least don't add insult to the injury by repeating the same mistake of not allowing new script steps to be calc settable.


    And, No, it's not more complex to have a specify button. It's more complex to force the average joe to duplicate his script steps.

    If you thing it's too complex, make it available in advanced only, it would better deserve its name