Export Records to Excel: Allow us to specify the field name that will show up in Excel

Idea created by scottworld on Dec 15, 2016

    In our FileMaker solutions, our clients often want to be able to export records to Excel format. So, we have lots of scripts that export records to Excel.


    However, when we export records to Excel, FileMaker exports the actual relationship names & the actual field names into the first row of the Excel spreadsheet.


    The good news here is that we ALWAYS want the first row of the Excel spreadsheet to be labeled with field names as the column headers. So this is good so far.


    But the bad news here is that this often results in very confusing field names in Excel for our users, because FileMaker is pulling directly from our internal relationship names & internal field names to create the exported field names. So we end up with Excel column headers that look like this:


    State Sales Tax Amount Calc

    Amount Due GetSummaryByCustomer



    Purchase Orders By Customer::PO #

    Invoices By Customer ID::Total

    Contracts_Filtered::Contract Date


    The workaround here is that we are forced to add a lot of size & weight to our FileMaker database by creating extra calculation fields that simply equal the values of the original fields, and then we have to export our new calculation fields (instead of the original fields). By doing this workaround, we end up with normal looking column headers in Excel -- something that looks like this:


    Sales Tax

    Amount Due

    Customer ID


    PO #


    Contract Date


    But now, we have 14 fields in our database (7 original fields + 7 calculation fields) instead of just having 7 fields.


    Instead, it would be really awesome if FileMaker gave us the opportunity -- right from within the "Export Records" dialog box -- to type in what "field name" (aka "column header") that we would like to be associated with each field that we export.