Enabling the creation of accounts with [Full Access] via scripts

Idea created by CarstenLevin on Jan 2, 2017
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    Consider the enabling of creation of accounts with the full access privilege set via the account script steps.

    Perhaps with extra warnings/demands for reauthentication as a developer ....

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    FileMaker is evolving fast from being a mom & dad database 30 years ago to being used for larger solutions and work groups. Some solutions now consist of many integrated or independent modules and many solutions may have many developers.

    Sharing the admin account linked to the full access privilege between more developers set is not optimal and not in line with common security guide lines. To put it mildly.

    Today this is my problem, but tomorrow it will be relevant for at lot of other people.

    • specific use cases you are looking to solve

    A large international company with 6-7 independent but integrated solutions, more than 150 files and a team of 5-10 indian and 4 Danish developers + administrators. 12 (developers) * 170 (files) = 2040 clicks just the first time the accounts are created and need to be changed to full access.



    It may be relevant to safeguard the scripted creation of accounts with the full access privilege set with extra precautions. But not having this ability is actually making FileMaker less secure by making us consider continuing using just one login for 10+ developers.


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    create full access accounts ... scripted ... 12 * 170 = 2040