Replace field contents - faster by/and disabled auto-enter updates

Idea created by User25291 on Dec 29, 2016

    I'm often a bit bugged by the speed and options of Replace Field Contents [ ].

    When done on anything larger then a small dataset Replace Field Contents [ ] often becomes a relatively slow procedure. Offloading it with PSOS helps a lot but still i believe it could be improved.


    Presumably the main problem is that it needs to check all auto-enters fields and other triggers while updating. This takes up time for each record.

    Also sometimes you just really don't want the auto-enter fields updated. For example you want to fix something but don't want the last modified username updated.


    The main idea here is to add a checkbox like in the current Import dialog "Perform auto-enter options while importing".

    But probably reversed: "Disable auto-enter options while replacing".


    The benefits are twofold:

    1. A very useful option.

    2. Increased speed.