Auto disconnect user when account is deleted.

Idea created by bigtom on Jan 3, 2017
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    I would like to see an option on the Delete Account script step to disconnect/logout the any instance of the deleted account.


    When using the Delete Account script step to remove user access I have found that if the user is logged in they will remain logged in even when their account has been deleted. If the user manages to stay connected and logged in for days or weeks they will still have access to the solution.


    Currently there is bit of a process to go through with scripts (or manually) to identify the user and then disconnect with :

    fmsadmin disconnect client [client #]


    I envision that this could all be easily done automatically when the account is deleted. There may be some issues to work through. Maybe it is only supported in FMS hosted solutions. What happens to any process that the user may be doing at the time the account is deleted. There would not be much difference from the process that is currently used via fmsadmin.


    Why? If an account is deleted they should not have continued access to any of the data. I see this as a security issue and it should be easier to manage this sort of thing. Managing this manually can be avoided.