Server licensing and app sharing functions for micro business and external client collaboration

Idea created by HammerOz on Jan 14, 2017
    • TeraKuu
    • HammerOz

    I would like a licensing model that enabled flexible external sharing with clients so I can actually build better project applications for my business. I write this suggestion as much to see how others approach this and to see if I am missing something as I don't profess to be an expert on the subject. As a consultant, users are a liquid number.


    So I would like:

    1 x server with 1 core user + per hour charge for any additional usage, no matter how many users within reason.


    In practise, I would like to click share the current layout, enter the email and off we go. That is obviously all achievable with current scripting, but I would need a user or concurrent licence.


    With some cloud based platforms and project apps you can share externally even on a free account. Examples include Podio, Airtable and the list goes on.


    I think project management needs custom apps as much as any team and project management has external users. How do people deal with this?