FileMaker License software download web page

Idea created by Johan Hedman on Jan 19, 2017
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    When you buy licenses from FMI you currently get a email where there is a link to a web homepage with your license number + a link to download full software installation of the software that you have rights to. Could be FMP, FMPA and FMS.


    After a certain amount of days, that link from the email no longer work and therefore when it time to update FMP/FMPA/FMS you can no longer download full version of software without contacting FM Sales person to get a new link/email. This is very important when you have bigger installation and need to push out installations to clients computer.


    Would it not be better if person who buys licenses from FileMaker get a username and password to a homepage where they can have there links to software download, licenses and other useful information visible for all times?


    FMI or local FM Sales person would safe a lot of time for people calling them and customers to FM would get less frustrated trying to find full software download from FMI homepage.