Bring back FileMaker's missing features

Idea created by scottworld on Jan 20, 2017

    Before FileMaker keeps adding new features into the product line, we would like to see the return of these 2 features, which were present in all versions of FileMaker up until FileMaker Pro 13. Then, these features were  unceremoniously removed from the FileMaker 14/15 product line:


    1. Within Script Workspace, we need the ability to filter the list of scripts by folders. We have solutions with hundreds of scripts in them, and we have carefully organized them all by folder & subfolder. In previous versions of FileMaker, we could easily filter the script list by folder & subfolder, but we can't do that anymore. Would be really helpful to have this feature back.


    2. In layout mode, when double-clicking on a button to bring up the "Button Setup" panel, we used to have 2 things here:

    (a) all information was visible at a glance, not hidden under a collapsable triangle. Would love to have all information visible at a glance again.

    (b) script parameter showing on the very first screen, instead of having to click through to a 2nd screen to see the script parameter.