Value List Standard and Unique.

Idea created by oceanwest on Jan 20, 2017

    There really is no reason to have multiple Value Lists that all have the same set of hand entered values.


    Typically people create a value list for a field on the fly that is some flag or boolean and don't look thru their list of existing values

    to realize they already have a value list that is Yes/No or something similar.


    I once had a project that every field had a corresponding value list for a simple Yes/No option - obviously built by a beginner or novice.


    Should there be a static set of Value List types included In FMP?



    1 | 0

    True | False

    Yes | No







    And when someone creates a value list if the content of the value list would match an existing one it should kindly inform them one already exists just like it does with the value list name.


    With localization it could be an issue but what of other "standard common Value Lists?"


    Months Of Year Full Name or Abbreviation or Numerical

    Days of Week Full Name Abbreviations or Numerical