Fmreauthenticate0 should mean 0 minutes for reauthentication not a 10 second pause...

Idea created by jfencil on Jan 23, 2017
    • Hemant Kumar Patel
    • schamblee
    • jfencil
    • jbante

    Fmreauthenticate0 should prevent the user from reauthenticating at all. Apparently there is a 10 second pause included....

    What if we don't want to allow the 10 second pause for reauthentication? Out of luck.


    There should be an option that would allow developers to set this w/o the 10 second pause...


    While using my application, there would be no reason for a user to have to "receive and immediately reject a phone call, receive and choose not to read a text messgae, receive and choose not to read an iOS app notification, activate the notification center, double-tap the home button to see what other apps are open.