New Feature - Get ( CurrentUserLockingRecord )

Idea created by dataexperience on Jan 24, 2017

    Summary if Idea:


    Provide a "Get ( )" function that allows a user or a server side script to determine which user, by account name, is locking a record, once record locking has been determined. This would allow an email or other communication to be sent to a user who is locking a record, which often is prohibiting an update form being performed on that record.


    Why this idea is important to me:


    We have a very large manufacturing system in production, which I have been building and upgrading for nearly 4 years. This system is a business critical application for a large corporation, and houses millions of records. The processes are so complex than much of the update routines have been offloaded to a combination of routines performed by Perform Script on Server and Server Script Schedules. We are finding out that many of the updates are failing, due to user record locking, when someone begins an edit and then leaves their workstation. We have no indication as to WHO is locking a record at any given time, and thus no idea who to reach out to to, in order to request them to exit the record.


    It would also be useful to be able to REMOVE a user from a record (force an unlock of a record) without termination of a users session. **


    Specific use cases I am looking to solve:


    We need the ability to update a record that is currently locked, in order to make those updates available for other processes, which are dependent on the updates being committed in a record. Otherwise, We must cycle events on Perform Script on Server, until that user session is terminated, after a predefined timeout (generally 60 minutes). This delay is causing havoc in manufacturing. There should be a function built into FileMaker to alleviate this issue,or to at least allow capture of the user by account name, who is locking the record.