Prevent client auto-reconnect when disconnecting user from FMS admin

Idea created by Vincent_L on Feb 2, 2017
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    Filemaker 14 introduced the great auto-reconnection from clients, but I think it introduced some quirks, at least with FMS 15v3 :


    It's now impossible to disconnect FMP 14and up clients without having them reconnect automatically.

    This auto-reconnection goes against the will and the needs of the admin.


    If the admin choose to disconnect users, it's for good reasons, it's because he needs it to troubleshoot something. But with taht auto-reconnection, the admin loose control, and functionality. We can even say that the disconnect feature becomes useless.


    So, if a users gets disconnected by the admin, the auto-reconnect feature shouldn't trigger


    P.S : before you ask. Closing file is no replacement as the admin may need to access the files. And yes, Iknwo that auto-reconnects triggers even if the user doiesn't clic on the reconnect button, because it happened to me a lot with remote clients in the middle of the night where there's no one in office.