Left/Right Navigation Parts

Idea created by weetbicks on Jan 26, 2017

    While the top/bottom nav parts are a great addition to the product,  the days of modern designs having navigation at the top of the screen are seemingly coming to an end. 


    Look at most modern applications and websites and you'll find navigation (or at least a side menu) is present on the left or right side of screen.  Every time I begin a new solution I look at examples for inspiration but am frustrated at the lack of ability to create a nice side navigation.


    Now, I can make a form view layout with a fixed height to achieve it, however this limits me greatly:


    • You cannot scroll the layout, as you'll lose the navigation on the left

    • You cannot make use of list view


    What I'm suggesting is to move to vertical layout parts as well as the current horizontal. I feel this is only needed for navigation parts (makes little sense otherwise) but the ability to create a fixed part on the left/right of screen that does not move when the layout scrolls.


    I see this as one of the biggest advances in solution design that FileMaker could make to the layout engine. I also realise this is probably quite a big overhaul of the existing system, but one that would open the door to even more amazing solutions, and seriously extending the capabilities of FileMaker to act as a legitimate application design tool, not just a database engine.