End-User Copy/Paste of Paragraph Formatting

Idea created by alexis_gehrt on Feb 16, 2017
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    Many of us have a little "letter" Module in solutions that we sell to the enduser... and most of what the Text editing capabilities provide are sufficient and OK in order that the user does not need an extra installation of Word or such.

    However, recently one customer asked me if he could copy/paste Paragraph Styles...


    As shown in the example - for whatever reason 3) does not have the indenting such as 1) 2). There is currently no way to Copy these settings to 3)

    (The current work around is to start from the Paragraph 2) add an additional 3)  Then cut the "real" 3) text and paste it without style.


    Btw. as marked in the circle... if you think about adding this feature at FileMaker. Please fix that the indent triangle does not act as a tap stop - like in Word. In FM, the customer needs to set an extra Tab Stop - while Word/Pages use the indent as a tab stop too.

    Screen Shot 2017-02-16 at 09.16.50.png