Show if Clients are running a task in FMS Web admin

Idea created by Vincent_L on Feb 3, 2017
    • tomasd
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    • Vincent_L



    If one admin has maintenance to do, requiring either client disconnection or file closing, in production time, he has to disconnect clients.

    For most clients it's perfectly ok to get disconnect with FMS's message because they're just editing a record, or just looking at it. So being disconnected if a minor annoyance.

    However, if a client is running a script or imports or printing, then being disconnected in the middle of task task is unacceptable.


    Unfortunately, there's no way for the admin to know if the client is running a task. Therefore I propose having an extra column in Activity / Clients tab,that would be called running task, with a check if the client is running a task.


    I sai task rather than script : I thought about script before, but we have to avoid disconnecting a client that is doing imports/exports, printing. Obviously "task" encompasses running script.