Script debugger - show Parent script line number in call stack

Idea created by realgrouchy on Feb 3, 2017
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    - I have a large script that does a lot of things

    - Somewhere in the middle of that script, a subscript is called/triggered that reflects an error I need to fix

    - The only time I get a pause point in the debugger (e.g. a custom dialog) is in the subscript

    - When I clear the pause point, the parent script continues without any stops/pauses



    - I am trying to figure out at what point in the parent script the subscript gets triggered

    - At the pause points, I can only see the script step of the subscript, not of the parent script



    - In the call stack, next to the script name, show the line number of the point where the script is currently paused to run the subscript.




    [15] - Subscript Name [Parameters] - Filename.fmp

    [988] - Parent script Name [Parameters] - Filename.fmp

    [3] - Parent script Name [Parameters] - Filename.fmp


    This Idea is similar to Get ( Call Stack ), aka Script Stack or Stack Trace


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