OnGlobalDatabaseEvent Trigger

Idea created by alexis_gehrt on Feb 6, 2017

    File Options -> Script Triggers


    I'd like to install a "global" trigger that will handle special Events that I can not handle at the moment and are sort of blocking the Client.


    I.e. the user gets an Idle Disconnect message, and/or is forced to disconnect due to a server restart, but is not at his desk. I could at least then take measures to commit.


    Or the connection dropped and can not be reestablished. Such as many "FM Roboter" stations that are autonomous (not using Server Side scripts)


    Accordingly there should be a Get-Function such as: Get(OnGlobalDatabaseEvent)


    Which returns (extensible) events such as:

    - Server Idle Disconnect

    - User Forced to disconnect by Server

    - Connection lost - can't be reestablished


    I haven't thought about all of my wishes, but maybe it triggers someones imagination.