Export Records with Custom Field Names

Idea created by mrwatson-gbs on Feb 6, 2017



    When moving data between tables it is a common practice to export the necessary fields into a temporary file, and then import this into the target file.


    When field names do not match, the developer is forced to use a custom order, with all the inherent problems




    Make it possible to specify custom field names in Export Records.


    This would then be possible to use Matching Names in the Import Records step.


    (Preferably this would be available in every export format that support field names (merge, filemaker, …)







    Use Case


    • Export - Import as described above (~50 different processes in our current solution)
    • Export to external systems


    Difference from other Ideas


    This idea differs slightly from the Field Labels idea from Vince in that this idea specifically targets the need to be able to specify field names within the Export Records command.




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