Allow admin account removal for FileMaker Cloud hosting

Idea created by simonclement on Feb 8, 2017

    To host on FileMaker Cloud a file must have EAR enabled.


    To enable EAR the user is prompted when uploading the file to enter credentials for an account that must have full admin privileges.


    Currently, we provide solutions that have the admin account removed using the developer tools provided in FileMaker Pro Advanced.


    Clients have no need for admin access and removal of the admin account offers an additional level of security.


    Now we need to ship with our files with an admin account and, for  FileMaker Cloud users, we need to enable EAR before delivery.


    This means all our solutions now have the same EAR password.


    Overall the security of our files and our client's data is now less secure than it was.


    Suggest: Allow solutions to hosted on FileMaker Cloud without the need to enable ESR.