Sorted Value List: Show only first field / Sort by second

Idea created by mrwatson-gbs on Feb 9, 2017



    Inspired by Choose field to sort list or drop-down menu - but simpler!


    This idea makes it possible to sort a field-based value list, similar to 'hard coded' value lists.


    The idea is to provide an option so you can BOTH SORT AND HIDE the second column.


    This could be easily integrated into the dialogue using a new checkbox 'show first column':


         Show:             [X] first column   [  ] second column

         Sort by:          [   ] first column     [X] second column


    It might look something like this:


    Sorted Value List.png


    For example a value list "number word" could be created with these settings based on the following data:

    Text     Sort

    one     1

    two     2

    three   3

    four     4

    five      5

    six       6

    …        7

    etc.      8


    Producing a value list like this:


    Screen Shot 2017-02-09 at 22.50.58.png




    • Value lists in a logical rather than alphabetical order
      • => Improved user experience when entering data
    • ALL hard-coded value lists could be converted to data-driven lists!
      • => easier maintenance / update
      • => easier deployment
      • => easier customisation
    • Very small change with a big effect!


    Use Cases


    • We have a value list table with ~300 data-driven value lists. ~30% of these would benefit greatly from this extension.
    • Particularly value lists depicting states, where the entries have a specific order.


    Limits of the idea


    Of course, this method is not powerful enough to sort 2-field value lists, where the ID is entered and the second column contains a translation - a THIRD column would be needed => See  Choose field to sort list or drop-down menu.




    Happy Voting! ;-)