A built in Email Viewer

Idea created by TonyWhite on Feb 19, 2017

    A summary of your idea:
    A built in Email Viewer (similar concept to a the FileMaker Web Viewer that was introduced in FileMaker 8.5)

    The feature set of an Email Viewer would be similar to the feature set the Web Viewer. In the case of an Email Viewer it would include the ability to:
    * render an .eml file from a disk
    * render an email expressed as source text 

    • get properties of the email: (To, CC, Subject, Body, Attachments, etc.)
    • Etc.

    You might be able to use the email rendering code from the OS [?] or from Apple and/or MicroSoft.

    We discussed this idea on the FileMaker-Fanatics.com podcast during the “E005 -
    Emails and FileMaker...2 awesome ideas segment

    Why this idea is important to you:
    Even though we can currently integrate incoming and outgoing email with FileMaker in a variety of ways, having a built in Email Viewer would provide a better user experience.

    Specific use cases you are looking to solve:
    Most clients use email as an integral part of their workflows. There are as many use cases as there are workflows that involve email.

    Probably not the highest return on investment feature...but if it was relatively easy...