Plugin Registry...

Idea created by oceanwest on Feb 23, 2017
    • oceanwest
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    First off I don't write plugins but there are many very reputable companies who provide extremely valuable plugins that without them many deployed solutions would have not been funded or deployed.


    Currently plugins are not available on FMGO probably lack of sandboxing or some other reason out of my grasp.


    Many under informed customers steer away from plugins out of unfounded fear (usually support questions or will they be around tomorrow)


    In order to bolster confidence in the community of plugin providers should FMI provide a registry so that these plugins not only have some kind of certification similar to how Apple vets its developers apps and can halt or prevent rogue or abandoned plugins from operation?


    In addition to having a registry id then the plugin could report via the DDR what plugin was called when there is no plugin installed when the DDR is ran.


    I would hope at some point that plugins would be available on FMGO, and also when using the SDK.