Lazy User Filtering

Idea created by mardikennedy on Feb 23, 2017
    • mardikennedy

    Yes, the header leaves a lot to the imagination...  This would be FMS functionality - the ability to find out how long a specific user has had a single record open.


    Background:  we have approx 15 solutions hosted on our server, each with different groups of users, spread across the continent.  Occasionally, one or other users is slack/ unavoidably interrupted, resulting in a record being left open, indefinitely.  It's a real bore from the developer pov, if wanting to make changes to live databases.  (that's not up for discussion)  I can disconnect that specific user via the admin console, but it would be nice to know beforehand, how long the record has been open.  For example, if it's only five minutes then I should probably be more patient; if it's two hours already, then Disconnect!


    Note:  I see this functionality as different to the current Idle setting - we intentionally set this to a long-ish period, to ensure ongoing amiability with our users.


    Complication:  some users will be concurrently using multiple solutions/ databases, so ideally the 'time that the record has been open' data should apply to each open solution.


    If I've missed some existing functionality that addresses this need, I look forward to being corrected :-)