Pass object name to related script

Idea created by arnoldkegebein on Mar 3, 2017

    Imagine a simple button or button bar button or any other object you can assign a script (regular or trigger).

    Now I like to have a function when I pass the script parameter, something like GetTriggerObject( "ObjectName" ). This function would pass the object name of the button as part of the script parameter.


    Possible parameters for the GetTriggerObject function could be

    • "ObjectName"
    • "Label" or "Content" – an object without content like a rectangle would return ""
    • "SequenceNumber" – for tab registers and button bars it would return the number of the pressed tab/button, other objects return 1
    • "BackgroundColor" – to get the current color value of the background inculding current conditional formatting
    • "enclosingObject" – the object name of the parent object
    • "TriggerType" – returns the trigger type (Click, OnObjectEnter, …)


    This function would help with modular development instead of hard-coding everything.