Script Editor with horizontal Split Pane

Idea created by arnoldkegebein on Mar 3, 2017

    Sometimes I like to split my script window. That would allow me to see two different sections of the script at the same time. This has multiple advantages.


    My scripts have a documentation header. With a split screen I can work at same lines and easily update the header documentation.


    Another example, I define all local variables I am using in my script at the beginning of the scripts (works well with the MBS plugin feature to highlight rows with undeclared variables). If I use a new variable I can easily add it to my declaration section without scrolling up and down again.


    My Script

    1  # Script Name: My Script

    2  # Parameters: –

    3  # History: 2017-03-03 Added summary report dialog


    5  Set Variable [ $counter ; Value: "" ]

    66  Set Variable [ $maxX ; Value: ValueCount( $MyList ) ]

    67  Loop

    68    Exit Loop If [ $x >= $maxX ]

    69    Set Variable [ $x ; Value: $x + 1 ]

    70  End Loop