New Layout Script Trigger

Idea created by synergy46 on Mar 9, 2017
    • hbrendel
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    • synergy46

    How about adding a 'On Focus' script trigger to a layout.  This would allow the running of a script when the user has 'click out' of a separate report window, done something on a 'main window' and clicked back into the report window (thereby generating the 'On Focus' trigger.


    Once generated, the script could, run a FIND and SORT script which would 'refresh' the window to show the changed values caused by previously leaving the report window. 


    As things are, to implement this I must generate a huge 'IF/Then' script which looks for the currently open window name and then executes  appropriate FIND and SORT code.  It would be much simpler to to just run the code if the user clicked back into the Report window.