Shadow for objects iOS

Idea created by HammerOz on Mar 13, 2017
    • Benjamin Fehr
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    Shadows seem like an important part of modern UI design. I have been trying to create a more material FMGO interface and shadow support is scattered.


    Popovers: Thankfully shadows for popovers are supported. I would like outer shadows for popover content as well in cases where the popover itself is transparent in order to show a dialog popover that is triggered by another object and not the popover button itself.


    Button bars: Outer shadows for the icon and segment object type would enhance buttons. Shadows are a nice way to emphasise next actions or primary actions and it needs to be applied to the segment or icon for minimalist designs. For example I want to do a nice big + button with a shadow for adding new records (hmm.. just wondering if I can apply it at the SVG creation level??)


    And all objects really. It would be nice to implement iOS material design styled cards for many objects.


    Thank you.