Error Dialog Box Alternative

Idea created by rodyoung on Mar 15, 2017
    • Benjamin Fehr
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    • Johan Hedman
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    When FileMaker Pro encounters an error, a dialog box appears which can't always be suppressed by "Set Error Capture". This is OK if there's a human sitting behind the screen to dismiss the dialog box, but what about cases where the computer is unattended, like a robot machine in a server room, or a kiosk solution? When an error comes along, like a network share suddenly not being available, the error dialog box pops up and your solution stalls. Even when the underlying problem goes away independently, a human is required to get things going again. What's worse: nobody might know that this has happened.


    My proposal: A user setting to alternate between the conventional error dialog box and "email". So, if "email" were selected (along with SMTP settings, etc.), instead of FileMaker Pro stalling, the responsible developer or whoever would be emailed and may choose to remotely access the machine to check that all is OK. And if the underlying problem rights itself, FileMaker Pro happily carries on.@