Please don't ask for feature request when sending in issue-reports

Idea created by Markus Schneider on Mar 21, 2017

    there are some issues with every software, no problem


    but: If one sends in an issue, the -often read- standard answer 'please send in a feature request' becomes somewhat annoying, one feels misunderstood, not taken serious...




    example: I filed in an issue report because of the behavior of the escape key when creating custom functions. Pressing escape will close the cf window without any warning, changes/new written cf's will be lost


    this is nothing new - but when working on a new MacBook Pro with touch-bar, one can move the little finger of the left hand a bit - and boom, escape hit, entered text lost


    there is really no software out in the wild that does _not_ warn in this case, but it seems that we have to write a feature request for this. sigh..