Buttons should default to "Exit Script"

Idea created by scottworld on Mar 27, 2017

    When you create a button, it defaults to "Pause Current Script". But 99.9% of the time, this is NEVER the desired scenario. In 99.9% of the cases, developers would prefer all buttons to default to "Exit Current Script" instead.


    Most of the time when a user presses a button, they’re trying to perform a brand new script… not stack it on top of a previously-unfinished script and then come back to finish the unfinished script afterwards. (Unless this is part of a unique workflow that was specifically setup for the users.)


    Also, the user's context (e.g. layout, found set of records, etc.) might be completely different after running a brand new script, so if the unfinished script continues afterwards, it could be potentially operating on the wrong set of records, wrong layout, etc.


    Of course, most scripts don’t typically end up in an unfinished state unless you have a “pause” step in there somewhere (such as a “find” script). So if you know that a script could potentially be interrupted, you can possibly prevent users from getting into a strange situation by turning user abort off in the script, or by putting them onto a layout where there are no additional buttons to press, or creating an empty custom menu set so that they can’t make any other choices, etc.


    But the much better solution here is that FileMaker Pro should always default all buttons to "Exit Current Script" instead of "Pause Current Script".