MD5 function support in Filemaker ExecuteSQL

Idea created by Vincent_L on Mar 28, 2017
    • Vincent_L



    Unlike MySQL, Filemaker's internal SQL implementation doesn't feature the MD5(° function, that creates a hash from a string.

    That's a big miss because being able to compute a MD5 hash on a bunch of columns can yield dramatically faster imports / updates by comparing the hashes, and just update the records whose hashes are different.

    So instead of updating 100K records, you can easily find out the 10 that really need to be updated.


    So I wish we could be able to write such a query


    SELECT Key,MD5(value1+value2+value) FROM myTable


    That would result in something like that


    12     FE77F547301CB2E81AA6304E009781D6

    58     3A40D928EDC2E2B7C9163C1380814F5B