"Paste With Style" is counter-productive in Filemaker

Idea created by peteraddison on Mar 30, 2017

    Is anyone else irritated with the lack of ability to turn off "paste with style" from the clipboard?


    Almost ALL of the time, I want to paste or drag something into a field and have it match the field; i.e.: have NO style, so that my layouts can all control what it looks like for that layout. I am unable to train ALL my users to use a 'special' command for this. They never remember (even if they care) that they can't just Ctrl-V and carry on with their work. Even right-click --> paste does not have the option to paste without style.


    Copy and Paste is an amazing time saver, but not when suddenly you're getting 14 point bold blue text where it should be 12 pt. black. Worst is when you can't even tell it's got a style applied when pasted. This can be invisible, popping up in your other layouts when it's least expected.


    It would be great, I think, if this could be turned off in the "File Options" dialog settings.


    I've tried to turn this off on the OS level, but not been successful.


    note: I created this as a question in another part of the community; someone suggested I copy it here. I can't find any other comments on this, so please vote if you like it.