Append PDF in IOS

Idea created by Dobieg5750 on Mar 31, 2017

    Being able to create multi-page reports, pulling data from multiple sources and tables, is inherently important in the work that we perform in our current FM Solution. This works fine in the FM and FMA environment on our laptops, but being able to create/view/email these same reports 'from the field' using iPhone/iPad devices seems impossible as we cannot create these multi-source reports without the Append to PDF function.


    Instead we are stuck creating a single report at a time and no way to tie them all together. In contrast, on our desktop we can create a large report that combines 5-10 separate layout reports, adds in title and methodology, and source data pages and zips it together in to a nice PDF Report.


    One would think that since PDF's are created in FM Go Document manager, that it could be easy to either append to the PDF OR place the file in a temp-PDF with the option of adding to it and then finalizing it before sharing with Mail, Other IOS Apps.