Container Field "Scale to Fill"

Idea created by David Weiner on Mar 31, 2017

    It would be nice to bring the container field formatting up to date with the graphic fill options.


    Currently, the options for a graphic fill of an object are:

    • Original Size
    • Scale to fit
    • Scale to fill
    • Slice
    • Tile


    Container fields, on the other hand, only have:

    • Crop to frame
    • Reduce image to fit
    • Enlarge image to fit
    • Reduce or enlarge image to fit


    I'm not really concerned with "Slice" and "tile", since those are primarily used as a design technique, but "Scale to fill" is totally missing from container options, and as I see it, is essential. "Crop to frame" will only crop an image down from its original size (which these days is typically quite large), leaving the container field filled, but only a small portion of the middle of the photo visible. All the other options will leave empty space on the sides or on top & bottom if the container field doesn't exactly match the dimensions of the image, unless "maintain original proportions" is unchecked, in which case the image is stretched to fill the dimensions.


    It seems to me that container fields need only the following formatting options (while retaining the "maintain original proportions" checkbox):

    • Original Size
    • Scale to Fit
    • Scale to Fill